Please read and consider this job’s requirements before applying below.


FENIX is looking for a Computer Science Intern to work with our innovative technology department this summer.
If you like working with smart and thoughtful people who genuinely care about the products they build, we are a good fit for you. Do you have experience turning a design or mockup into an interface with functionality? If so, let’s talk. Have you done this for mobile app, web browser, or desktop app? You might be just who we are looking for.


We work primarily with AngularJs and NodeJs but we are migrating to Web Components so that we can be framework agnostic.
We are championing the server-less stack, and developing highly scalable apps using Firebase and machine-learning on the Google Cloud Platform. We do some heavy lifting with Java, and once in a while hack at PHP. So, if you are a generalist with JavaScript chops, you will love it here. Technically, you have a background in data structures, design patterns, and modern programming practices.
As a member of our team, you’ll contribute to the vision and help shape the direction of our products. All of us are at the top of our game — programmers, designers, analysts, and every member of our team is critical to the creation process.
We love our people and want this to be the best place for them to work. We learn together, grow together, and do work we’re proud of together.
We believe the strongest teams are made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to cultivating that diversity here at FENIX Labs. We are ready for the ongoing work that goes into building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do your best work.


• Strong oral and written communication skills in English REQUIRED
• Data structure, design pattern, and modern programming experience REQUIRED
• Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Familiarity with design and prototyping tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, Invision, etc.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently (good work ethic, maturity, and personal initiative), as well as ability to work as member of a highly collaborative team
• Close attention to detail and quality in all aspects of job performance
• Self-discipline for planning and organizing tasks
• The ability to aggregate, organize, distill, and analyze relevant information to derive meaningful implications
• Flexibility and ability to adapt to changing project and client needs


• Self-Awareness
• Driven Work Ethic
• Openness to a culture of guidance

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We look forward to hearing from you. We review all candidates and reach out as soon as possible.